Book club selection…BrookLyn’s Journey

03 Aug

My book, BrookLy’s Journey, was selected by the Turning Pages Book Club at the main library in Charlotte, NC. I met with them for the first time last week. I was nervous because I’m not a public speaker. I was excited to be there but my quivering voice showed how anxious I was. However, I prayed silently, took a deep breath and cruised through the moment that made me so nervous. Mainly because the members were so welcoming.

I sat down with men and women that were interested in reading my book. It was surreal to me. They repeatedly said how honored they were to have me, the author, in the room  with them. I told them that I was the one that should be honored. They took a chance on me. They supported my dream. They allowed me to become a part of their group. I was humbled.

With the groups suggestion, I read the prologue and a few pages of the first chapter. We discussed some of the issues that I addressed in the book. When I wrote BrookLyn’s Journey I wanted the book to address issues that a lot of us faced growing up. I wanted the book to address LGBT related issues but also be relatable to heterosexual readers.

We spend a lot of time focusing on the differences of others when many of our experiences mirror those that are the least like us. I wanted BrookLyn Scott’s story to be understood by those that walked her walk and those that didn’t walk anywhere near the road she traveled. In my discussions with some of my readers and in their reviews, I think that’s happening.

BrookLyn’s Journey is a young adult fiction story that is being read and enjoyed by adults as well. The issues, as I stated previously, are universal. I am honored to have been selected by the book club and hope others select it too. Why? I want to talk about the issues and help people see how we all are BrookLyn Scott in some way. As I said to the book cub, “No, this isn’t my story. It’s not my autobiography but there is a lot of me, you and many others sprinkled through out the story.”

BrookLyn Scott offers a glimpse into the life of a teen with low self-esteem fighting her way down the road to self-discovery. Are you BrookLyn? Maybe I am too.

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