My apologies!!

I haven’t written a blog since last month. I apologize for that. I’ve been busy working on three different projects. I don’t want to mention what they are yet because I’m not one who talks of things before I’m finished with them. Sometimes I feel like things won’t come to fruition if I speak of them first. Is that superstitious? Probably. I will say that it’s writing and its very involved. 

I have not been on twitter either. So, I vow to do better. I have to do better. I will add another post soon. Be well. Happy reading and writing! 


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My trip to Arkansas…

It’s been a few weeks since my trip to Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas. I’ve had a hard time putting the experience into words. The word I’ve used consistently to explain it verbally to people has been amazing. As far as writing about it I knew I’d have too much to say. I’m going to do my best to keep it short.

It was an amazing trip for one because of the history of the school. It played a large role in integrating our public schools. As I walked the hallways I felt the presence of those who had stood up for so many students they’d never meet. The Little Rock Nine roamed the halls with hatred being spewed at them so that we could walk freely through the halls. The history walked alongside of me and I will never forget that feeling.

It was amazing because the students I met with weren’t LGBTQ students. Some might have identified as such but I met with communication classes and students from the AVID Program. Yet they were open and asked a lot of questions. No one laughed at the subject. They were honest and so was I in my responses.

It was amazing because the students showed an interest in someone other than themselves. I don’t mean me although they treated me like a celebrity. That felt pretty cool. They showed concern for LGBTQ teens and the coming out experience. They were open and attentive. They made me extremely proud to be in their company.

Life sometimes gets in the way of our dreams but these kids were determined and focused. I have no doubt they will achieve their desires.  I hope that life doesn’t make them judgmental and jaded. They seem to embrace a world that allows their hearts to be welcoming. They will be the generation to conquer the underlying hate that exists in the world.

They are who we all should be.


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Z is for zoom…

I was hesitant when the challenge began and almost didn’t participate. I wish I could’ve been more active but will peruse other blogs to leave comments. My April was really busy and I hope next year this time it is slow enough to allow me to do better.

Zoom, zoom, zoom we are done. See you next year for the challenge…


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Y of course is for YOU!!

YOU are your best cheerleader. Don’t wait on someone else to yell louder for you. Sometimes it takes looking in the mirror and encouraging yourself to keep pushing through the sadness and pain. When you want to quit its powerful to look in the mirror and motivate yourself.
A lot of times when you discuss your dreams, goals or ideas with others they don’t encourage you to work toward them. People can quickly discourage you when you thought they’d be the first to encourage you. They act as if they’re supportive when they’re actually hoping you fail.  What I’ve found is people may listen, and nod their heads while expecting the opposite to occur. By that I mean, they don’t think I’ll work toward accomplishing the goal. Then I’m driven to prove them wrong.
When I first discussed publishing a book I noticed the slanted or discouraging eyes of some. It encouraged me to work harder proving to myself and my doubters that it could be done. Their negative looks motivated me instead of discouraging me.
If we listen to others our dreams will get lost in the shuffle. Be determined, consistent and focused. Be you and  encourage yourself often.
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X is for xerox…

Of course like everyone else, when I hear the word Xerox I think of copies. I’m taking it a little further relating it to people since it was the only X word that jumped out at me. So many people try to duplicate what others have already done. Writers do it. Performers and singers do it. In some ways it does make sense to copy something while tweaking it to make it your own.

What people forget is that we are all unique individuals. We all have many talents. There is no reason to be envious or jealous of others. Aspire to make similar achievements or emulate them to some degree. Don’t be an exact copy of them but be the best version of you. The best version of you is better than a version of them on any given day.



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W is for winning…

You can win without crossing the finish line simply because you tried. You don’t have to cross over first to be considered a winner either. There are so many opportunities where awards are given to those that have finished ahead of the rest yet the real winners were at the back of the pack.
I love to see people work really hard at something when they know they aren’t going to accomplish what other people have done. The mere fact that they try makes them winners. If you read the definition of win it doesn’t say where the person finished. It just says the act of someone or a thing that wins.
I had a book signing today. I didn’t sell all of my books but it was a great experience. I made amazing connections with people I had never met and discussed future events. Some may have seen the event as a failure because I took some books back to my car. However, because of the combination of things–the sales, the connections, exposure and scheduling of future events, I won.
You’ve got to try in order to be a winner. Put your best foot forward and you’ve already won!
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V is for victory…

Victory means different things to people just like success does. Victory to some could be simply leaving the house when they’ve been too depressed to do so for months. To some it could be finishing a race they couldn’t have won this time last year. Or walking ten steps when last week they could only do two.  It doesn’t always have to be something as grand as winning a Super Bowl ring to be a victory although we’d all love to have one.

Appreciating small victories allows us to be grateful for everything that comes our way. Think of the fifth grader that makes strides each month and is finally reading on a higher level. He may not be on his grade level but he’s improved since the previous school year. The state and the school won’t count it as a victory in the same way the student will. For him, getting out of the reading class with younger students and moving with a group closer to his age is almost as good as being on grade level.
Don’t let anyone tell you what you should celebrate. Those are the people who celebrate the big things forgetting that it’s the little things that brought them where they are.

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