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There are so many things that I want to write about but until they come to fruition I can’t. I think that’s why I haven’t been blogging. I said I’d do better so here we go…

The summer flew by. School is back in session yet it feels like summer just started. I was at a park in Fort Mill, SC for the first time a few weeks ago. When we walked the trail around the lake I thought, “God I need to own a lake house.” I would park myself and my laptop near the edge of the water and write for hours. Instead of my dog curling at my feet in my home office he’d sleep next to me by the water.

I have always loved the ocean and lakes. I just never knew until recently how calming it was for me. I see a lake house in my future. I know that we can rent one but to be able to go there when I wanted would be amazing. I guess that’s something to jot down as one of my many goals.

My inspiration to write comes from many things, water included. I’m always amazed though when you’re having a general conversation with someone and it sparks a totally unrelated idea. It’s also funny when you’re barely listening to someone and part of that conversation ends up in your story. It makes me laugh out loud when that happens.

I think the key to receiving inspiration from every angle comes from opening your heart and mind. It allows you to look beyond the conversation or interaction. Sounds weird but I think it’s true…

Go off somewhere and be inspired. Happy writing and reading!!


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Emily Guido’s book Charmeine is #FREE today only!

Emily Guido

Emily Guido

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FREE is always good but it’s even better when the book is a good one! DOWNLOAD TODAY!


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Visiting Little Rock Central High School in April…

It seems like 2013 is flying by. I can’t believe we’re ten days into February already. It’s baffling. Whatever your dreams are remain focused before another year passes without you getting closer to them coming true.

I received a phone call last week from a college friend. She shared BrookLyn’s Journey with a teacher at Little Rock Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. A student borrowed it from this teacher later on that same day. She read the book before the end of the school day and enjoyed it.  As a result, the teacher asked if I would come and speak with the students.  Without hesitation, I agreed to travel to Little Rock in April.

I am completely humbled and honored that my book has been placed in the library at Little Rock Central High School. My goal from the very beginning has always been to be a support in the lives of all teens but especially LGBTQ teens. My visit will allow me to visit with a diverse group of teens. The purpose of my visit will be to discuss my writing journey but more so to encourage them to follow their dreams. To remind them that where they come from doesn’t determine where they’re going. Of course, it plays a role in their future but their parents’ successes or failures don’t necessarily determine the outcome of their lives.

When I began my writing journey my dream was to visit school and college campuses across the country.  This is the first school that I will be visiting. I am probably more excited than the students.  It’s because of the support of my friend that the book entered the hallways of Little Rock Central and for that I am truly grateful…

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