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Introducing Saia…

I changed the spelling of my first character’s name from Saya to Saia. It’s still pronounced like Maya. Not sure why I changed it but I am not sure why I’m sharing something so raw either without editing or any idea where this story is going. As I said before I was writing a short story. Maybe. It could turn into something different. I am going to write it with ideas from whoever wants to offer some input.

My goal is simply to try something different. I don’t have writer’s block or anything. Thankfully that doesn’t generally happen to me. My head is full of ideas. This, for whatever reason, was one of them. So, if you want, shoot me a few ideas regarding the direction of the story or suggestions to make Saia more intriguing and amazing. If no one participates that’s fine. I am still going to write it this way. I am looking forward to the outcome. Blessings and happy writing.



Saia was tall, slender, intelligent, and soft-spoken. Some would describe her as beautiful but they’d be lying. She was not ugly but she was definitely sexy. Not sure what it was about her but she was innocently sexy. It could have been her expensive clothes. They fit her as designed but weren’t too extravagant or revealing. She had a way of walking that made you notice her when she came into the room. It could have been her silence. She never drew attention to herself. It was almost as if she tried to live unnoticed.


It could possibly be her intelligence. She could calculate insane numeric problems in her head. Calculations that would rival what a computer could do seemed like child’s play to Saia. She would get slightly confused writing the problems down but never once when she looked toward the sky did she get the answer wrong. It was like magic.


Everyone would tell you that Saia was a good person and they’d be right. She didn’t gossip when others huddled at the water cooler. She ignored the whispers about her too. She seemed to walk unscathed by rumors. She wasn’t a superhero. She just seemed to exist in a world that she didn’t want to be a part of. She interacted because she didn’t have a choice. Saia went to work and home. She was honest to a fault, a perfectionist, and somewhat of a loner. She’s that one person who never swayed in her friendships. She didn’t call too many people a friend. In sum, Saia was good people.


Saia rolled into the driveway. The rocks crunched under her tires. She didn’t want to spend another night alone but she was out of options. Her family was not nearby. They lived in Maryland. It was a straight shot from North Carolina but it wasn’t a trip that she made often. Work didn’t easily allow that. Saia’s skills came in high demand at a cost.


Saia didn’t make it a habit of befriending people from work. Trust wasn’t something she did easily. She had been burned by so-called friends one time too many. At this point she tried to keep that from happening again. She did have Jack but he was her neighbor not a friend. He pushed his way into her life despite how many bricks she tossed in front of him. She built a ten-foot wall that he managed to bust through each time he saw her. She glanced into his driveway. His car was parked crooked. She shook her head. He had a driveway that he could put four cars in with room for maybe a fifth. Yet he always parked in the middle and his Jeep Wrangler was never straight. She chuckled at the sight of it.


Saia was extremely smart but one thing she didn’t understand was Jack. She couldn’t figure him out. He seemed to have a lot of friends but managed to make every effort to push his way into her quiet life. She felt at times like he made lots of effort to force himself on her. She didn’t want to spend time at his townhouse but found herself there often. Saia and Jack weren’t friends in her book, but she knew he considered her one if his best friends.


Saia planted her feet on the driveway. The sun was just starting to set. She looked at her townhouse. It was nice enough. It barely had a yard but what it had was fenced in. It needed some new paint. It was chipped in too many places and she hated the color green. She knew it needed a lot to become a home but it belonged to her. Saia had the ability to stand flatfooted on the highest realm of the American dream. Yet she chose a mediocre home in a decent neighborhood. Her salary afforded her to live an affluent life but Saia didn’t make that choice. She chose to own a home that mirrored her life. Her home needed some TLC. Looking in from the outside one could say the same about Saia. Yet she didn’t venture on a quest to find love. Saia simply existed.


She thought for a moment and realized, “What good is a home when you spend each night in it alone?” She shrugged her shoulders. With or without a love, it still belonged to her.


Before sadness over took her, she shivered. It wasn’t cold outside. It was balmy. Saia felt chilled. She felt like someone was watching her. Her eyes scanned the area. It was eerily still. She turned around slowly. She was alone. Saia was still unsettled. Something didn’t feel right but she didn’t plan on waiting to find out what it was. She quickly snatched her battered leather briefcase from the seat. Her dad gave it to her when she graduated from high school. His dad used it before him. She couldn’t get rid of it. He died a week after he gently placed the bag into her hand. It was a piece of him to her despite what it looked like.


Saia heard leaves crunch behind her. Her heart skipped a beat. Footsteps. Saia was too afraid to turn around. She tucked her bag under her armpit and darted toward the steps. Her keys jingled in her hand. She jammed her house key into the lock but her keys crashed to the ground. Saia took a deep breath. She could hear the steps close in on her. She snatched her keys off the ground and belted out a horrifying yell.


© 2017 by Stacey Pierce

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Keep writing…

I have been jotting down ideas and short stories for as long as I can remember. One of the greatest moments in my life was when I learn to read. I’ve always loved books and longed to share my own stories with readers. Since I have published two books, I have not stopped turning my ideas into stories. I write constantly. When I meet people I also remind them of the possibility that they might show up in one of my stories.

I get my inspiration from everything and everyone that I come into contact with. I can be standing in the backyard with the dog looking at the morning sky and get flooded with ideas. I think this began to happen once I made a commitment to become an author. Writers always joke that they hear voices. I now know that what they mean is that characters live inside of them and show up often forcing us to pay attention to them. That’s why I always have a pen and piece of paper or jot the idea down on my cell phone.

Writing to be published or simply to put your ideas on paper is an enjoyable thing to do. We won’t all be bestselling authors but we will be successful in bringing our dreams to life. Not everyone will like our stories and they may even leave unkind reviews. Do NOT let that stop you from writing. Follow your dreams and don’t allow negative people to discourage you. Sometimes there are helpful negative reviews but then there are harmful reviews. Remember this… the story is your baby. It’s your child and you brought it to life in the way you thought it should be told.

Keep writing and do NOT ever give up!






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Living your life like it’s golden…

I was talking to a few people today and the subject of dealing with stress came up. The exact question was, “How do you deal with stress?” When I heard the response coming out of my mouth I wondered if they were thinking, “Is she for real?” I wish they had asked me because my response would have been, “Hell yes!”

Let me explain further. Stress can only do what we allow it to do. That means we’re relinquishing our control. For many years I allowed situations to determine my attitude or response. At this point in my life I don’t. Basically, despite the situation I don’t allow stress to take control of me.

Allowing stress to win creates additional stressful situations for us. I have learned to look for that silver lining in the darkest sky. It took many years for me to do this and I refuse to travel backwards without seeing the good that can evolve out of even the worst situation. We adopted a puppy with severe separation anxiety. I don’t get frustrated with him. I think of where he used to be before us. To have been alive for less than a year and have four to five different residences including a shelter warrants him being anxious.

With my life I look at the current situation and compare it to where I’ve been also. There is no comparison to the person I was twenty years ago because of where I’ve been in life. Actually, even seven years ago. In life we can’t grow if we don’t learn how to bob, bend, weave, and search in the darkest moments for the bright outcome.

If I had remained that person I firmly believe that BrookLyn’s Journey or The Awakening of Graye Moon wouldn’t have been published. Our dreams can’t survive in a world where stress guides us. How do I deal with stress? I pray, pray, pray, and often pray again. Then I get lost inside of the stories I love to create and the possibilities of creating things I never knew were a part of my dreams.

I am in no way perfect. But unless it deals with the loss of life, none of this stuff is worth me getting lost in it. As Jill Scott says, “I’m living my life like its golden.” Is it? Not always but each moment that I breathe I live as if it is…


Update on the eye infection: it’s still here but I can see!



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Change in dates…

My trip to Little Rock has been booked and I will be at Little Rock Central High School on May 2-3, 2013. I look forward to meeting a new group of motivated teens. My goal from the very beginning was to be in a position to motivate and encourage ALL teens. I’m excited to see this coming to life! One thing that has helped me get to where I am is having positive people in my life offer encouragement every step of the way. Each interaction we make in life is more important than a lot of people think. I take each interaction, positive or negative, and try to grow from them.

In 2007, I experienced something that was quite painful. My writing evolved out of this experience. I had written stories when I was younger but never really dreamed of publishing them. As bad as that time was I know that BrookLyn’s Journey and The Awakening of Graye Moon, might still be far from my conscience instead of published books had it not occurred. By that I mean, this experience forced me to reassess and change my perspective on life. As a result, I started writing again. Then the possibility of publishing entered my mind and came true.

Each experience in life can be a motivating factor for success. It’s easy to allow life to get the best of us. Sometimes we have to get the best of it and take a chance on our dreams. Letting each experience be a motivator allows us to be true to ourselves and live. Whatever dreams exist inside of you bring them to life. We have more power than we think…

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Beyond grateful…

Everyday I thank God for each thing or person in my life. As soon as my eyes meet the sun I say thank you! I am far from perfect but know how far I have come in life. That alone fills me with gratitude. I went to the Time Out Youth programs creative writing group last week. Again, I was there just as a volunteer. Yet I walked out with a large amount of gratitude for where my life has taken me. I was also impressed by the youth that I watched participating in the writing activity. Their outlook on life despite their circumstances is astounding!

I looked around the room and was amazed at the natural talent they displayed. They have each lived less than twenty years but their souls have been rocked by a society or family members that have discarded them. This has forced them to grow up faster than most. Their writing reflected their journeys and what they shared sounded like they lived longer than me.

One touched me tremendously when he shared a story about his sneakers after I told him that they were nice. It reminded me of a preschool student I worked with around 2002 in New Jersey. She walked up to me as the cold wind ripped passed her asking me to fasten her winter coat. When I went to button it I realized she didn’t have any buttons. As my eyes filled with tears, I took the safety pins that were attached to it and closed her coat. I picked up my cell phone and called a friend and shared my sadness. In a few days my friend’s family made sure I had Gap coats for over 100 students including this little girl. Each winter after that the children in my school that needed coats received them. Yes, from the same family.

This young guy that I met is twenty. He has been homeless for four years. He is an amazingly talented young man. He works and has big dreams. I know he will make it. He is forced to live away from his family because he is gay. They discarded him. He still loves them but has no place to call home. A friend gave him the sneakers that I complimented him about. They were too small but since he had no other option he wore them. Yes, once in my car, I cried.

It sickens me that in a country of such great wealth so many children go without. It makes me angry. When you have children you are required to take care of them. You can’t discard them because you disagree with them. I can not stop thinking about this young man. He has touched my heart in ways I can’t explain. He has inspired me to be even more grateful and to work harder to help youth like him. I have chosen to donate a portion of my proceeds to homeless LGBTQ youth because of youth like him. Society has to help these kids. We can’t just ignore them.

Update: There will be a virtual book release party for The Awakening of Graye Moon in December. 

A portion of the proceeds from ALL of my books will be donated to Time Out Youth (NC) and the Ali Forney Center (NYC). 


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Homeless LGBTQ Youth…

I was getting ready to work on a manuscript that I started a few days ago. I was a little distracted so I did some research on youth homelessness. My eyes filled with tears as I thought about the large number of teens sleeping on the streets every night in many states across our great county. How do I cry over children that parents have easily discarded? Are their parents off somewhere crying too or are their homophobic views keeping them comfortable at night? I’d lean toward the latter.

My focus has been solely on LGBTQ youth but it doesn’t mean I think any child should be sleeping on a park bench. The reason I’ve chosen to focus on LGBTQ youth is because issues related to homelessness are magnified when sexuality issues are involved. Part of me can almost understand a teen being removed from a home that has been destructive due to violence or drug use. Being tossed out of the home for sexuality issues to me is incomprehensible.

However, the parents aren’t the only ones that have failed these children. Society has as well. Budget cuts to shelters result in more kids sleeping on dangerous streets. When we see them we ignore them. We walk past these kids daily. They’ve been discarded and forgotten by society. I refuse to forget them and in addition, I refuse to allow anyone, including YOU, to forget them. We all have struggled and we all rise again. Give these kids another chance. They deserve a second chance at a good life.

I will begin volunteering at the Time Out Youth in Charlotte soon. I was inspired by the sparkle that each youth I met had in their eye. These are great kids. They aren’t using drugs or creating problems for others. They, like you and I have, are simply trying to find their true selves. It just so happens that they are LGBTQ youth. Take away the label and simplify it even more—they’re kids, teens and young adults. They deserve more…

I’m donating to Time Out Youth in Charlotte, NC and The Ali Forney Center in NYC. A portion from the sale of EVERY book I have sold and will ever sell will support homeless LGBT youth at these two programs. You can choose whatever organizations you want. It can be a donation of time, books, basic supplies, or a monetary donation—big or small. PLEASE just do something…


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Time Out Youth creative writing group and ME!

Last night I nervously entered the Time Out Youth program in Charlotte, NC. I was the expert in the group. The problem was I didn’t feel like one. I am a published author. My book has been well received. However, I have no creative writing or English training. I’m a social worker. In addition, I have never seen myself as a public speaker. Within minutes, I was transformed.

The Time Out Youth program is dedicated to providing support, advocacy, and education to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth and their allies, ages 13-23, in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. My goal is to be a positive force in the lives of these teens and young adults.

Last night I talked for almost two hours about the publishing process, my coming out, and my current and future books. The kids I’m sure thought I was educating them. In part I was. However, I walked away with an increased desire to be a part of their lives. To me, that means that I was the one educated. Some of these teens have faced more than most will experience in their lives but they owned what’s needed to succeed—desire and passion. There was no sadness in their eyes just a will to be successful.

At the end they thanked me. I thanked them for allowing me to be a part of their creative writing group and loving “family.” I was transformed into a public speaker because they readily welcomed me creating an extremely comfortable atmosphere. I donated some books to their LGBT library and would like to donate more as they expressed a desire to have books that they could relate to.

My new quest is to ask my readers to donate one book to this fabulous organization. The donation would be two fold in that they would add the book to their library and a portion of the sale will be donated to their homeless program. If you’d like to participate you are welcome to send the book directly to the organization upon ordering it or order it directly from me. There is no shipping cost if it’s ordered directly from me.

In advance, I thank you, as do the kids that are a part of this village that we all belong…


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