This thing called life…

I have not been on here since March. My goal at that time was to write a short story. That has not changed. However, this thing called life keeps getting in the way of things. I always joke and say that work always gets in the way of my “real life.” What is that real life? The life where I get to sit down and create these masterpieces  with other talented artists that come to life either in a book or on television or the big screen. I know that will happen one day but now I have to live the life that pays bills and allows me the basic comforts of living. Yes my friends, that’s my chosen profession–social work. If I only knew then what I know now. Hmm.

I was asked to rewrite a short film for a friend and in 2018 it will come to life. I am excited to be a part of this. I have never thought of writing short films before I was asked to help with this one. Since then I have written two others. I want to bring them to life also and enter them into film festivals. I know that 2018 is going to bring some great things. Three short films in one year would be great, wouldn’t it? I also need to finish editing Shayne’s Promise. I wanted to release that book in 2017 but I think it will be next Spring.

I have set a few new goals to finish out this year and I have a list of lofty goals that I have written down for 2018. I will do better writing on my blog. I have to at least introduce my other characters for my short story. Remember, I would like your input. This is another new venture for me and I think it could be lots of fun.

This is my birthday month. It’s a BIG birthday! This birthday is going to steer me in the right direction so I will be closer to where I want to be next year.  Despite what bag of tricks this thing called life sends me I have to make time to write. It’s what I love and the burning desire to reach my goals can no longer be put to the wayside. No matter what I do life occurs and my writing needs to also. Keep writing!!

Introducing Saia…

I changed the spelling of my first character’s name from Saya to Saia. It’s still pronounced like Maya. Not sure why I changed it but I am not sure why I’m sharing something so raw either without editing or any idea where this story is going. As I said before I was writing a short story. Maybe. It could turn into something different. I am going to write it with ideas from whoever wants to offer some input.

My goal is simply to try something different. I don’t have writer’s block or anything. Thankfully that doesn’t generally happen to me. My head is full of ideas. This, for whatever reason, was one of them. So, if you want, shoot me a few ideas regarding the direction of the story or suggestions to make Saia more intriguing and amazing. If no one participates that’s fine. I am still going to write it this way. I am looking forward to the outcome. Blessings and happy writing.



Saia was tall, slender, intelligent, and soft-spoken. Some would describe her as beautiful but they’d be lying. She was not ugly but she was definitely sexy. Not sure what it was about her but she was innocently sexy. It could have been her expensive clothes. They fit her as designed but weren’t too extravagant or revealing. She had a way of walking that made you notice her when she came into the room. It could have been her silence. She never drew attention to herself. It was almost as if she tried to live unnoticed.


It could possibly be her intelligence. She could calculate insane numeric problems in her head. Calculations that would rival what a computer could do seemed like child’s play to Saia. She would get slightly confused writing the problems down but never once when she looked toward the sky did she get the answer wrong. It was like magic.


Everyone would tell you that Saia was a good person and they’d be right. She didn’t gossip when others huddled at the water cooler. She ignored the whispers about her too. She seemed to walk unscathed by rumors. She wasn’t a superhero. She just seemed to exist in a world that she didn’t want to be a part of. She interacted because she didn’t have a choice. Saia went to work and home. She was honest to a fault, a perfectionist, and somewhat of a loner. She’s that one person who never swayed in her friendships. She didn’t call too many people a friend. In sum, Saia was good people.


Saia rolled into the driveway. The rocks crunched under her tires. She didn’t want to spend another night alone but she was out of options. Her family was not nearby. They lived in Maryland. It was a straight shot from North Carolina but it wasn’t a trip that she made often. Work didn’t easily allow that. Saia’s skills came in high demand at a cost.


Saia didn’t make it a habit of befriending people from work. Trust wasn’t something she did easily. She had been burned by so-called friends one time too many. At this point she tried to keep that from happening again. She did have Jack but he was her neighbor not a friend. He pushed his way into her life despite how many bricks she tossed in front of him. She built a ten-foot wall that he managed to bust through each time he saw her. She glanced into his driveway. His car was parked crooked. She shook her head. He had a driveway that he could put four cars in with room for maybe a fifth. Yet he always parked in the middle and his Jeep Wrangler was never straight. She chuckled at the sight of it.


Saia was extremely smart but one thing she didn’t understand was Jack. She couldn’t figure him out. He seemed to have a lot of friends but managed to make every effort to push his way into her quiet life. She felt at times like he made lots of effort to force himself on her. She didn’t want to spend time at his townhouse but found herself there often. Saia and Jack weren’t friends in her book, but she knew he considered her one if his best friends.


Saia planted her feet on the driveway. The sun was just starting to set. She looked at her townhouse. It was nice enough. It barely had a yard but what it had was fenced in. It needed some new paint. It was chipped in too many places and she hated the color green. She knew it needed a lot to become a home but it belonged to her. Saia had the ability to stand flatfooted on the highest realm of the American dream. Yet she chose a mediocre home in a decent neighborhood. Her salary afforded her to live an affluent life but Saia didn’t make that choice. She chose to own a home that mirrored her life. Her home needed some TLC. Looking in from the outside one could say the same about Saia. Yet she didn’t venture on a quest to find love. Saia simply existed.


She thought for a moment and realized, “What good is a home when you spend each night in it alone?” She shrugged her shoulders. With or without a love, it still belonged to her.


Before sadness over took her, she shivered. It wasn’t cold outside. It was balmy. Saia felt chilled. She felt like someone was watching her. Her eyes scanned the area. It was eerily still. She turned around slowly. She was alone. Saia was still unsettled. Something didn’t feel right but she didn’t plan on waiting to find out what it was. She quickly snatched her battered leather briefcase from the seat. Her dad gave it to her when she graduated from high school. His dad used it before him. She couldn’t get rid of it. He died a week after he gently placed the bag into her hand. It was a piece of him to her despite what it looked like.


Saia heard leaves crunch behind her. Her heart skipped a beat. Footsteps. Saia was too afraid to turn around. She tucked her bag under her armpit and darted toward the steps. Her keys jingled in her hand. She jammed her house key into the lock but her keys crashed to the ground. Saia took a deep breath. She could hear the steps close in on her. She snatched her keys off the ground and belted out a horrifying yell.


© 2017 by Stacey Pierce

I have not forgotten…

I have not forgotten to write. I have not had the time to do it. My days at work are long and exhausting. I am not complaining. It’s just the facts. I get home, we eat and I am ready to go to sleep. #thestruggleisreal.

I am hoping that things will calm down soon. I will do my best to get back as fast I can. I have so many ideas for new things and can’t wait to see the things I’ve written on the big screen. One of my goals has always been to write daily and I’ve gotten away from that. It won’t be forever. Keep writing and be awesome!

When I write a story it generally stems from inspiration or an idea that interests me. Sometimes I just sit in front of my laptop and start typing without a plan at all. I have written lots of songs like that. I recently read an article on short stories. I used to write them a lot when I was a teenager. It was one of my coping mechanisms. I haven’t written one in a very long time. So, I have decided to sit in front of my computer and just write. I want to introduce each character individually. I have no idea what this story is going to be about at all. It may be  a horrible idea but for whatever reason I want to do it this way.

I just started typing about my first character. Her name is Saya. I don’t know that much about her. I hope before long that I will know everything about her. Get ready to meet Saya and the others. I don’t have a title. I don’t have any idea who the other characters will be. I just have a desire to write something new. So, that’s what I plan on doing. I might even take input from other people. We’ll see. Hopefully it will be fun for all of us!

I will introduce Saya soon. Be well and keep writing!

Happy New Year!

This year rolled in quickly. I feel like  we were just ringing in 2016. I am grateful to be able to watch another year begin. I can’t wait for the great things 2017 will bring. I don’t know exactly what will happen but there are a few successes I have already thanked God for. Claim it, they say, and it shall be yours. 2017 has been claimed.

This past year was full of ups and downs for us. Blue, our dog, had surgery twice. We call him our million dollar dog because his healthcare cost so much emotionally and financially. He tore a ligament and needed surgery. He was on eight weeks restriction placing us on restriction too! At the end of his lock down he unexpectedly needed two additional weeks due to inflammation. To watch him run and play now is awesome. Before his injury we never dreamt he couldn’t be a dog. Forcing a dog to lay on a pillow for ten weeks is painful. He looks at you with the sad, dark eyes. Now he bounces around and I swear I can almost see a smile on his face…

I have a lot of ideas and plans for this year. I hope that everyone does. I want every dreamer to succeed. I want each person that doesn’t have courage to be courageous. Every builder to build a wonderful life and each lyricist to become an amazing songbird. Use the next few weeks to design your plans for 2017 and work diligently toward making your goals come true. Toss out the resolutions and focus one day at a time on your goals. Embrace the impossible and make things possible!

Happy New Year!!






It’s been a long time!

I have been working full time and writing as much as I can. It has been too hard for me to focus on my blog. I feel like I tossed it by the wayside. I made a promise to myself that I am going to start writing posts again. I want to. I may even need to do it. For me it was a great way to connect with people and I miss that. My posts will be some of the same and some very different ones. My interests have changed to include screenwriting. I have also written more song lyrics in various genres. Everything is covered by copyright laws so I plan on sharing it. That’s it for now.  So…see you again very soon. #lovelife


There are so many things that I want to write about but until they come to fruition I can’t. I think that’s why I haven’t been blogging. I said I’d do better so here we go…

The summer flew by. School is back in session yet it feels like summer just started. I was at a park in Fort Mill, SC for the first time a few weeks ago. When we walked the trail around the lake I thought, “God I need to own a lake house.” I would park myself and my laptop near the edge of the water and write for hours. Instead of my dog curling at my feet in my home office he’d sleep next to me by the water.

I have always loved the ocean and lakes. I just never knew until recently how calming it was for me. I see a lake house in my future. I know that we can rent one but to be able to go there when I wanted would be amazing. I guess that’s something to jot down as one of my many goals.

My inspiration to write comes from many things, water included. I’m always amazed though when you’re having a general conversation with someone and it sparks a totally unrelated idea. It’s also funny when you’re barely listening to someone and part of that conversation ends up in your story. It makes me laugh out loud when that happens.

I think the key to receiving inspiration from every angle comes from opening your heart and mind. It allows you to look beyond the conversation or interaction. Sounds weird but I think it’s true…

Go off somewhere and be inspired. Happy writing and reading!!

My apologies!!

I haven’t written a blog since last month. I apologize for that. I’ve been busy working on three different projects. I don’t want to mention what they are yet because I’m not one who talks of things before I’m finished with them. Sometimes I feel like things won’t come to fruition if I speak of them first. Is that superstitious? Probably. I will say that it’s writing and its very involved. 

I have not been on twitter either. So, I vow to do better. I have to do better. I will add another post soon. Be well. Happy reading and writing! 


My trip to Arkansas…

It’s been a few weeks since my trip to Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas. I’ve had a hard time putting the experience into words. The word I’ve used consistently to explain it verbally to people has been amazing. As far as writing about it I knew I’d have too much to say. I’m going to do my best to keep it short.

It was an amazing trip for one because of the history of the school. It played a large role in integrating our public schools. As I walked the hallways I felt the presence of those who had stood up for so many students they’d never meet. The Little Rock Nine roamed the halls with hatred being spewed at them so that we could walk freely through the halls. The history walked alongside of me and I will never forget that feeling.

It was amazing because the students I met with weren’t LGBTQ students. Some might have identified as such but I met with communication classes and students from the AVID Program. Yet they were open and asked a lot of questions. No one laughed at the subject. They were honest and so was I in my responses.

It was amazing because the students showed an interest in someone other than themselves. I don’t mean me although they treated me like a celebrity. That felt pretty cool. They showed concern for LGBTQ teens and the coming out experience. They were open and attentive. They made me extremely proud to be in their company.

Life sometimes gets in the way of our dreams but these kids were determined and focused. I have no doubt they will achieve their desires.  I hope that life doesn’t make them judgmental and jaded. They seem to embrace a world that allows their hearts to be welcoming. They will be the generation to conquer the underlying hate that exists in the world.

They are who we all should be.

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